Monday, January 12, 2015

Date a man who butters your toast

I grew up with a very clear picture of the man I'll date and then fall in love with. Doesn't talk much, hence doesn't express much. Has to be tall and rugged to look at and has to have a head full of hair. Aloof, hard from the exterior, doesn't cry at the drop of a hat, hard working, aggressive in the business world and a workaholic. He would pamper me with the best money can buy. 

While the white hairs have been increasing on my head, I have navigated myself in and out of relationships. Got my heart broken quite a few times. Realised later on in hindsight some were infatuations, some were just a ego trip and very few were love. But I would try and stay faithful to the idea of the perfect man.

Now I have finally realised what a crock of bull is the mills and boons image of what a perfect man should be! 

Be in love with a man who makes you walk inside and not on the side of the traffic. It's ok if he is short. It's ok if he is not good looking. But he will make you feel the prettiest in the world. He may be losing hair or getting pudgy in the centre but cause you are in his life he has started working out. His hands are soft, he looks straight into your eyes and cries as much as you do. He is not afraid to say I love you and doesn't mind giving you a foot massage after your long day. He liked cuddling and hugging you and loves to stay in. The things he offers money can't buy. Be in love with a man who butters your toast. 

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