Sunday, January 25, 2015

10 Things I would tell my younger self:

1. Don't sacrifice your own plans for maybe with someone else. If you were important to them, maybe would never have been used. Time is limited. Be alone and enjoy.

2. Save. Money is important. For being independent. For being secure. Save a little in the beginning but save.  It's ok if you don't have that wow heels but it's not ok to be stressed about money every month. It's not ok to live cheque to cheque. It's not cool.

3. Make your home comfortable and have friends over more. It's ok if they mess your house. Don't be a cleanliness freak. Let go.

4. Travel more. Don't sacrifice travel plans for work. Work will always be there. You are not indispensable at work. No one is. Office and the work won't collapse. Don't cancel travel plans. 

5.  Don't waste your time and emotions on a man who has you on stand by mode. We are meant to be special. We are not meant to be an option. 

6. Which leads to the next point. Let go faster. Don't live in the past so much. Learn to move on faster. Life is so much lighter if you don't carry around all your baggage. 

7. Learn to identify toxic relationships. Lots of Friends, colleagues, lovers and family may end up taking more out of you than they should be. They may end up pulling you down instead of uplifting you. End the relationships asap. 

8. Don't smoke. It's not cool. It takes much more from you than you can imagine. Not to mention it propagates gossip in office. Stay away from smoking corners in office. 

9. Eat more home cooked food. Your stomach will thank you later. As you grow older, you will know what this is about. 

10. Be more active. Walk more, cycle more. It gets tougher to lose weight as one gets older. 

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