Friday, October 25, 2013

The Single Man…. Is no longer single!

There was once a single man. A man who vowed never to get married. Or remarried. A man who loved the single life….relationships without strings. Flings without complications. Infidelity without consequences. This man stole a tiny piece of my heart…. And then eventually, married someone else. One-of-a-kind, I thought. A confused man who obviously wasn’t sure what he wanted. Or maybe he just wasn’t that into me. Won’t happen again, I thought. And then it happened, again.


Single men are a rare species. And when you meet the few around, you realise why most of them are still single. But when you meet one that you really connect with, a man who makes you smile, laugh and feel all the right feelings, you wonder…. Even if marriage is not high on your list and you’re content with what you have, you still wonder. Yet, you realise that what you have is special and you’re happy to leave it at that, without signing your name on the dotted line. But what happens when he signs the dotted line with another woman? Do you question yourself, or the man?


The first time it happened to me, it broke a tiny bit of my heart. After all, he had only stolen a tiny piece of it. The first time, I questioned myself. But the second time, I began to wonder why the single man was not really single. Was it a coincidence that the two men I felt something for, the men who vowed never to get married, went on to marry other women?

Where are the real single men?


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